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Visa Direct was set up in 2002 to provide visa support services to Nigerians. Our visa support services cover - Tourist Visa, Student Visa, Transit Visa, Business Visa, Visitor Visa, Work Visa and Schengen Visa. Visa Direct is not affiliated with any embassy.

Qatar 5yrs Work Permit

5 yrs work permit to Qatar for skilled and unskilled workers. SSCE, OND, HND, BA and BSc Holders can apply.

2 years Dubai Work Permit

Dubai 2 years work permit for skilled and unskilled workers with guaranteed job and accommodation. Processing time 8 weeks.

WhatsApp: 08058047663

South Africa Visa

Tourist, Visit and Student Visa to South Africa. Processing time 3 weeks.

UK Visa

Visas to UK - Tourist, Visit, Student, Medical etc. Processing time 3-4 weeks

US Visa

Immigrant and Nonimmigrant visas to US. Processing time 6-8 weeks.

Australia Visa

3 months Tourist Visa, Visit Visa, Student Visa, Work Visa. Processing time 4-5 weeks.

Bahrain Work Permit

2 yrs work permit to Bahrain with job & accommodation, for skilled & unskilled workers.

Canada Visa

Visas to Canada - Temporary Resident Permit, Study Permit, etc. Processing time 8 weeks

Italy Visa

Tourist, Visit, Business and Student Visa to Italy. Processing time 2-3 weeks.

France Visa

France Visas - Tourist, Visit, Student, Business etc. Processing time 3 weeks.

Norway Visa

Student Visa, Business Visa, Tourist & Visit Visa etc. Processing time 3-4 weeks.

Invitation Letters From Any Country

Genuine Invitation letter from any country, ready in 2-3 wks

Study Abroad In Any Country

Study Abroad in any country - Europe, Asia, US, Canada, South America, Australia etc

Study In China

Low tuition & cost of living, guaranteed admission, Quality education, guaranteed visa.

Study In Azerbaijan

Affordable tuition, guaranteed admission & visa, quality education.

Dubai Tourist Visa

2 weeks Tourist Visa, One month Tourist Visa, 3 months Tourist Visa

Kurdistan Work Permit

1 year Kurdistan work permit with job and accommodation, processing time 4 weeks

Sure Kurdistan Visa With Job

3 months e-visa with pick up and job on arrival. 4 weeks processing time 

Study In Bulgaria

All courses available, degree & diploma courses, admission & visa guaranteed.

Study In Turkey

No IELTS/TOEFL, guaranteed admission, 100% visa, low tuition, low cost of living.

Football Invitation Letters

Football Trials, Stadium Tour, Football Tournament, Play Football Abroad, Get Scouted! 

Study In Georgia

Guaranteed admission, low tuition, No embassy interview, fast visa processing.

Antigua and Barbuda Visa

3 months Antigua and Barbuda Visa. Processing time 2-3 weeks.

Panama Visa

Processing time 4-6 weeks.

Chile Visa

Processing time 4 weeks.

Ecuador Visa

Processing time 4-6 weeks.

Vietnam Visa

Processing time 4 weeks.

Study In Ghana

Guaranteed admission, low tuition, No embassy interview, all courses available.

Trinidad & Tobago Visa

3 months Trinidad & Tobago Visa, Processing time 2-3 weeks.

Study In North Cyprus

No IELTS/TOEFL, 100% visa, low tuition fees & cost of living part-time jobs.

Mexico Visa

Processing time-2 wks.

Philippine Visa

Processing time-4 wks.

Malaysia Visa

Processing time-1 wk.

Rwanda Visa

Processing time-2 wks.

Tunisia Visa

Processing time-4 wks.

Tanzania Visa

Processing time-2 wks.

India 3 months Visa
Processing time-2 wks.

Malawi Visa

Processing time-2 wks.

Georgia Tourist Visa

Processing time 1-2 weeks.

Azerbaijan Tourist Visa

Processing time 1-2 weeks.



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